They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life, and I’ve found that adage to be absolutely true at PRESWERX. I can’t count the number of miles driven, hours spent developing presentations, and all-nighters I’ve had since starting this job, but I would happily do it all again. To say that I take this seriously would be an understatement, but the relationships I’ve built and positivity I get from my clients make it all worthwhile. If you decide to bring us on for an upcoming project, your satisfaction is the only metric I take into account.

My Experience

People find their passion through many avenues: music, sports, traveling, even collecting stamps, but my passion is and will always be technology. Being able to occupy a seat at the forefront of A/E/C technology was one of the main reasons I joined PRESWERX, and part of what binds the company culture together is a love of for the ever-increasing uses of technology. We’ve hired the future of video game design, taught them about how buildings are made, and now they help us bring Construction projects to life through photo realistic 3D Visualizations, BIM Modeling, and Virtual Reality. We’re also hard at work behind the scenes developing Augmented Reality uses for Construction, and we think that’s going to disrupt the industry. Stay tuned!

MY Education

I’m proud to say that at PRESWERX, our clients hire us to get a leg up on their competition, so we bring a sports-like mindset to every project we’re involved in. As a former competitive swimmer for nearly 20 years, I take the no-nonsense attitude that made me successful in the pool and put that into each relationship I build, every presentation I develop, and every contract I sign. In this business, there aren’t any awards for 2nd place, so bringing our A-game is a must in every scenario, and my commitment is to ensure that level of quality is consistent for each of our clients.

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