Southside Quarter
The Story

BIMWERX in conjunction with our sister-company Preswerx created a triple threat for the Southside Quarter project. Together, we provided 3D modeling and renderings service, presentation services, and finally BIM modeling and coordination services.


BIMWERX began by creating site logistics models outlining the team’s approach to constructing the tilt-wall and steel frame project. The team was strategic in developing a unique, value-driven message for its presentation. Part of the presentation relied on the overall renderings of the project in the actual site context. In some cases, this is the first time a client gets to see their project outside of construction documents. After our client was awarded the project, BIMWERX immediately began dissecting the owner’s BIM Requirements to ensure that all project stakeholders understood exactly what was being asked of them. Too often we find that BIM is a big grey area and not too many people understand the nuances of the contract language. We brought additional value to the project by helping our client with BIM subcontracts and verifying the BIM ability of the winning subcontractors. After all the contracts were finalized and scope of work determined, BIMWERX was asked to provide BIM coordination for all the project as well as plumbing modeling and layout drawings


The coordination process lasted for approximately 16 weeks and netted a fully coordinated project. After each level was completed and signed off on by all trades, the team spent another 4 days creating coordination drawings on the freshly signed off level, while continuing to work on the next floor. Our client received a confederated Navisworks model, all original trade models, and continued support throughout the project. In addition, we were also able to teach other trades industry standard coordination practices which will help them on future projects.

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