When planning to “do BIM” on a project, there is a lot more to it than just saying you’re going to do it. It is a complete methodology change. It relies on additional planning, early subcontractor resolution, and establishing of BIM workflow. It requires understanding of the contract requirements between GC and owner and ensure you have accounted for all cost implications that are often times underfunded on bid day. BIMWERX has been on all sides of the spectrum and involved in BIM projects as simple as creating the trade model, to running coordination meetings, to COBie integration.

We start by investigating the BIM requirements. We want to make sure you are meeting the contract requirements, but not over committing to the process. Often times, we recommend additional BIM initiatives that may help the project in specific ways. From there, we either build upon the existing BIM Execution Plan or we create one ourselves, that aligns to the owner’s request. We support the subcontractor or general contractor with contract language to ensure that they are covered. We are a team player and we prefer a “common good” type of relationship with all project stakeholders instead of a “me versus them” relationship. When we kick off the project, we introduce the stakeholders to a BIM software (free of charge when you use BIMWERX) that allows ALL parties to be a part of the process, not just the BIM coordination team. This software allows us to get a real understanding of the progress being made, holds all parties accountable, and gives clear understanding to who is pulling their weight and who needs to staff accordingly.

The positive response to our style of BIM leadership and BIM coordination has been truly overwhelming and it’s the reason why we have such a high repeat client list.